TIQ gives you the ability to constantly monitor the status of your shipments at every point of its journey. With continuous and timely updates, you will be able to track the status of your shipment remotely via any device (laptop, tablet or Smartphones). With our TIQ service, your company will be choosing the best shipping option.


How it works in 3 key steps

1.    TIQ receives location data, sensor status and tracking updates along with critical activity alerts from multiple sources.
It sends a live update of its status regardless of the mode of shipment whether it was via air, sea or land. The information is encrypted and transferred by the proprietary machine learning algorithms.

2.    TIQ integrates all received information from multiple data sources via advanced location-based services and machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, which keeps the shipment status always available.
This data will be analyzed to be used for reports generations through which data can be extracted in different forms.

3.    TIQ displays the obtained results on personalized dashboards which enables users to perform predictive pathways, cut down energy footprint, reduce efforts and save money.
Through these dashboards, you will be viewing a timely update on various key indicators such as Temperature, tilt, light, IR light, shock, geo-localization and humidity

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Machine Learning

TIQ uses machine learning techniques to analyze logistics trends and the company\'s business behavior in order to optimize the business supply chain strategy.
AI- based algorithms allow businesses to reduce time-consuming operations and assists in predicting your customer needs.

Big Data

TIQ proprietary web-application is designed to incorporate and process real-time data at a large scale and enables you to: find individual items, filter data by location or groups without using the traditional sites.

TIQ enhances all the supply chains


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Exhibition
  • Food & Beverage
  • Information
  • Retail & Luxury goods

Supply Chain

Combining the several components of Supply Chain together is becoming complex. However, with TIQ and through Logistics 4.0, this process has become easier. TIQ allows you to achieve that as it understands the data with a 360 view.


TIQ can be seamlessly integrated with the most advanced tracking devices. They will be paired and maintained according to the customer needs.

Customer Centricity

TIQ drills down all selected parameters regarding the position and condition of cargo and reveals the result via the dashboard or push notifications.

Logistics 4.0

With TIQ, you can obtain virtual monitoring from any enabled tracking device and its embedded sensor via live information fetched from the cloud.