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Our commitment

As a global logistics company, we are committed to sustain & cultivate our resources, while actively supporting various social and environmental causes, aligned with our core values, that empower societies, and enhance the readiness of our stakeholders to successfully tackle the challenges that our planet is facing, in preparation for a better future for our children.

Sustainability & CSR

CSR Pillars and SDGsVolunteerism and humanitarian initiatives are deeply integrated in our corporate culture. Whether on an organizational or individual level, we take great pride in the social and environmental initiatives that we support on both: local and global levels. We actively take part in significant activities such as spearheading medical missions, promoting education and arts for underprivileged children, empowering women through charitable work, distributing food and clothing and supporting environmental conservation and recycling programs.

We at GES are committed to sharing our customers concern for protecting the environment with greener supply chains. Our Logistics solutions are very eco-friendly, which make our industry an environmentally friendly one by nature. The end-to-end supply chain solutions that we provide support our customers sustainable development strategies and help them achieve their green objectives. Among these solutions, we have introduced a significant technology system which saves a lot of time and paper work. It simplifies the operational procedures through digitalizing all documents and back-and-forth processes.

We are also aware of our CO2 emissions that are being regularly audited by professional consultants who advise over the best CO2 emissions reduction solutions.

As for our land transportation business, GES supports the emphasis on logistical efficiency, driver training, automatic tire inflation systems, advanced lubricants, idling reduction and improved aerodynamics.

Moving on to the supply chain services, we have systems in place to ensure that all activities, products and waste materials related to our operations are responsibly managed to reduce environmental impact. Our careful environmental policies are marked in areas that follow the below Global SDGs:


We are active in many social activities through which we give back to the communities around us!


We are keen to support various economical initiatives that lead to public empowerment.


As part of our commitment to the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals, specifically Goal 13 that focuses on climate action, we are working on adequate strategies and targets to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our main facilities worldwide.


To be able to reach our sustainable goals, we partner with various stakeholders that are not limited to:

  • NGOs
  • Governmental bodies and public authorities
  • Associations

Global partnerships