Happy Lunar New Year!

To all of our customers, colleagues and industry partners celebrating Lunar New Year, I want to wish you a very Happy 2015 / Year of the Sheep.  I hope your time off with family and friends is enjoyable and energizing.  We are deeply committed to providing outstanding customer service and to making GES a “great place to work,” so many of the traditional Chinese New Year (CNY) themes like good fortune, happiness and longevity resonate particularly well in our organization.  We are very optimistic about our future, thanks to our client partnerships and to our staff’s continued commitment and hard work.  I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your families best holiday wishes and a happy and successful 2015.



Michael C. Hughes

President & CEO

Globe Express Services expands European network via opening of 3 new offices in France

Globe Express Services, one of the world’s largest global logistics providers, proudly announces the addition of three new France locations: Le Havre, Bordeaux and Marseille. The recently opened French offices will pave the way for the company to further extend its network in Europe, bring its cutting-edge services to a wider market and ensure real-time shipment monitoring. Read More »

Gaining an Advantage in a Hypercompetitive Market:

Contributed by: Christopher T. Slotten, Senior VP & CCO 

It’s not your imagination, the world has gotten more competitive in almost every industry. The Internet has given consumers dramatically increased transparency to information and the ultimate shopping tools for all of their purchasing decisions. They can compare price, service, cost, and features of any product from the comfort of their home or the convenience of their smart phone or tablet. Read More »

GES Expands its U.S. Warehouse Footprint with New Warehouse Facilities in Los Angeles, Boston & Baltimore

Source: GES Internal

Warehousing services have long been a core element of the global service offering for GES.  Many of our clients need various warehousing services both as a standalone service and as a component of international shipping.  To better meet the needs of our clients in the U.S., GES recently opened new warehouse locations in Los Angeles and Baltimore.  We have also relocated to a larger warehouse facility in Boston.  Read More »

Strong logistics backbone supports UAE’s rise as multifaceted trade corridor

Logistics-related services mainly involve the transportation of goods, products and services by air, land, sea and railway. While air freight is usually the preferred mode of transportation because it is faster, waterways are most useful in international shipments of huge quantities of goods. A country with buoyant socio-economic activities naturally necessitates a strong logistics backbone that can support the ensuing transportation, handling, and warehousing needs of various industries. Read More »

GES UAE discusses regional supply chain management potentials & challenges at ‘Leaders in Logistics Summit 2014’

Globe Express Services (GES), joined the Middle East’s foremost supply chain players during the ‘Leaders in Logistics Summit 2014’ at The Ritz Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre today (Tuesday, September 30, 2014) to discuss industry potentials and key operational challenges. Mustapha Kawam, Managing Director-Gulf States of GES, presented the company’s best practices and key industry insights before high-profile attendees as one the featured speakers of this year’s one-day conference. He was part of a panel discussion held during the event as well along with other prominent logistics experts.

The ‘Leaders in Logistics Summit 2014’ enabled GES to step back and take a closer look at recent industry developments. This allowed the company to discuss long-term solutions to current challenges and ways to create more opportunities.

Thought leaders and decision makers who are shaping the sector’s future were among the participants of the summit’s latest edition. Attracting at least 170 attendees in 2013, this year’s event featured keynote addresses, panel discussions and interactive workshops.

Customer Service Excellence…Delivered by People Who Care

Charlotte, NC – August 22, 2014: According to a recent report published by logisticsviewpoints.com, the number one criticism clients have of their third party logistics provider is that “…3PLs are not proactive enough in identifying continuous improvement opportunities.”

This means that in the global logistics industry, far too many providers focus on themselves and not necessarily the needs of their customers. They are content with maintaining the status quo. No growth. No challenge. No forward movement.

One respondent to the Logistics Viewpoints survey voiced a frustration running rampant in the logistics community regarding three things he believes are sorely lacking: Customer service, responsiveness, and flexibility.

Globe Express Service (GES) is breaking that mold.

In a 2013 survey initiative of our own, we set out to identify, among other things, the following key pieces of information:
1. Overall customer satisfaction for the year, compared to 2012 and 2011
2. Which products and services are most helpful to our clients
3. Specific client concerns to be addressed

We are committed to improving our service based on this valuable customer feedback. We are open to both praise and criticism, and have a willingness to act on it. A far cry from the common apathy that characterizes the 3PL industry.

In fact, we were pleased to find an overall customer satisfaction rating of 97%.  Digging deeper we learned that 75% of survey participants cited GES as more capable than other providers, with 35% of them claiming, “GES is among the best I’ve worked with.” While we’re pleased to hear this level of customer satisfaction, it reminds us we still have more work to do.An Exercise in Meaning
According to Logistics Viewpoints, the average 3PL customer in the U.S. utilizes three main logistics services. The most common is transportation management, with other top services including supply chain management and lead logistics provider roles. Such strategic 3PL engagements started in the automotive and technological industries, but are now more common amongst other verticals including retail, apparel/footwear, furniture and other segments. GES is leading the way in this respect, with a world class Cargo & Order Management service and system that supports our clients’ growth in a highly scalable and cost efficient manner.

When asked the question, “what are you looking for in a logistics provider?” GES client Minoud Saidi, Purchasing and Logistics Manager of Chesapeake Bay Candle responded, “I expect my 3PL to know as much about my business as I do.”

We take our continuous improvement role with clients very seriously, feeling it necessary to confirm Globe’s value at every quarterly business review (QBR). This means doing our homework, to understand each client’s business and how we might enhance it. Oliver Huber, GES President North America explains, “Each QBR is an opportunity to explore ideas for efficiency and cost saving measures that streamline the supply chain.  This is a win-win for both our customers and GES and we are committed to this important experience.”
With a growing number of people looking for more meaningful partnerships with their 3PL, unparalleled customer service and prompt, reliable communication is no longer just an option – it’s imperative. And at GES we don’t just plan on being a part of that shift; we intend to lead it.

We’ve dedicated our resources to create a culture brimming with people who care. We strive to stand out as the only logistics provider able to offer such a high caliber of personal service. Our associates are passionate about their work; synchronized seamlessly as One Company, One Global Team.

Carol Gregg, a GES customer and survey participant from Red Egg, offered “…high praise for [GES] communication skills and prompt response to my questions.”

Testimonials like this are a common reaction from over 90% of GES survey participants who rated GES “among the best customer service providers in the industry” for 2011, 2012, and 2013; including one satisfied patron who noted the peace of mind he feels knowing he can contact his account manager any time after being provided with her cell number.

40 Years of Caring
This year marks our 40th anniversary as a global logistics company, and in accordance with our dedication to progress, our President and CEO, Michael Hughes, recently announced a big change that’s coming. In a recent email sent to all GES employees, Mr. Hughes wrote, “The New Year brings many exciting enhancements and opportunities for GES, our clients, our employees and our brand. I’m very excited to announce our corporate rebranding. This initiative pays homage to the best of Globe Express Services’ rich history and experience, and modernizes our look and feel with bold promises of a new direction: Forward.”

It’s no easy feat becoming best-in-class. As with any forward progress, there’s a constant cycle of testing, evaluation, and course-correction that needs to take place in order to maintain that position. So, rather than sit back and float by on our accolades, we roll up our sleeves and go to work every day.

Whether it’s responding to customer feedback, seeking out areas of improvement, or bringing our time-proven approach forward to a digital age, we’re a company of action.
As always, the cornerstone of our service offering is that we’re invested in our customers’ success. We’ve formalized our commitment to our clients by writing it into our new mission statement: “To create prosperity through global trade by providing logistics solutions delivered with excellence by people who care.”

More Than Words
We hold our mission statement to be far more than just words on a page. It’s a promise that we want to come alive with every interaction between GES and a client. It’s important that people feel how strongly we stand behind it.
In a follow-up to last year’s survey, we recently reached out to various GES clients, including Chesapeake Bay Candle and a leading manufacturer of audio equipment, to gain a deeper understanding of their logistics needs and how we can maintain that edge. During the conversations, a few words surfaced over and over again: Professional, personal, business partner, and experienced. According to our clients, these are the characteristics of a company who cares, and supply chains are seeking out that kind of service more than ever.

Chesapeake Bay Candle is what you might call an American success story. Created in 1994, the founders – two Chinese students who traveled to the United States to study – began importing accessories from China to sell at local trade shows. After seeing the interest in their goods and identifying a potential market, the two students began to manufacture their own candles. The first line was crafted out of empty cans of Campbell’s Tomato Soup. They soon sold a collection of premium candles to Target and started gaining exposure from big-time media players, Fox News and MSNBC.

It wasn’t long before Chesapeake Bay Candle opened its first factory in China and, as of three years ago, their first U.S. factory. They have created thousands of jobs along the way and care deeply about the products they offer and the heritage they represent.

Needless to say, finding a logistics partner to make sure their shipments get where they need to be, when they need to be there, is vital.

That’s why Mr. Saidi, who has been working with the GES Baltimore branch  for over a year now, says, “I trust GES. I feel like I’ve got my own shipping department when I work with them. Not only do they serve me, but they educate me and inform me.”

He recounts a story where, unbeknownst to him, there was an error on an ISF form and before anyone on his team caught the mistake, he received a call from one of our offices saying that the error had been discovered, fixed, and that the shipment was proceeding as intended. “They go above and beyond every day,” he adds. “It would be difficult to focus on just one story because they catch mistakes that even I don’t and just do what they need to do to fix them.”

Another customer working with the GES Boston office, who wished to remain anonymous, cited himself as “a very demanding customer whose shipping needs are always urgent.” When asked how he’d rate his satisfaction with GES, he states, “90%. Which is way above average.”

At Globe Express Services, we believe that partnership isn’t something you say, it’s something you do. And people aren’t just numbers on a page, they’re the lifeblood of a company that truly cares. We want to take this opportunity to thank the employees of GES, who truly make difference every day in the eyes of our customers.
Contributed by:  Bill Smith (GES), Justin Dye (ScopCity)
(8/22/14; GES Internal: Bill Smith)